“Students in the community school environment show significant gains in academic achievement and essential life development skills.” – Coalition for Community Schools

“… Community schools are a promising strategy for improving student outcomes. In the current climate of budget cuts, it is important for policy makers at the state and federal levels to advocate for community schools as an efficient, effective way to use scarce resources by leveraging partnerships. Districts can further help by creating district-wide community school initiatives.” – Positive Student Outcomes in Community Schools by Sebastian Castrechini and Rebecca A. London, Center for American Progress, February 2012

“Research shows that creating supportive environments at school… is critical to developing academic motivation and confidence, both of which have been shown to promote academic achievement…” – Positive Student Outcomes in Community Schools, Center for American Progress, February 2012. “To get the kind of transformational change that we as a country need takes a huge amount of courage. The status quo isn’t working…. We have to get a lot better with a huge sense of urgency because the stakes are so high….” – Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Headmaster of U.S. School Reform, Christian Science Monitor, August 2010.
Prepared by Kathy Kushner, Director of RIPCS

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