Community Partners

What does the Partnership do?



The Rhode Island Partnership for Community Schools will mobilize Rhode Island schools and their families and engage community resources to maximize student achievement and life-long success.


The Partnership builds on the success of the Rhode Island Child Opportunity Zones (COZ)

In 1994, the COZ Network was created to form Rhode Island’s Full-Service Community School Initiative. The COZ Network has been serving students and their families in ten districts throughout the state by providing integrated education, health and social services, ensuring that children come to school ready to learn and graduate as fully engaged active citizens.

The Partnership works to expand the community school initiative statewide, helping community schools grow in local communities.

Our goals:

  1. Support the full service community school initiative in Rhode Island and build a diverse community of public and private partners.
  2. Coordinate the statewide full service community school initiative, establish direction and priorities reflecting the needs of the school community.
  3. Provide public education on the full service community school initiative consistent with current research and literature.
  4. Advocate for full service community school policy on the state and local levels.